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Terms Of Service

4) These videos are for marketing purposes only. Media and reviews are welcome to use these videos in their content as long as:

a) written material is sent to prior to the publication. Music Eternal will contact the member and/or their label to ensure that all parties are aware of such posting.

b) if the videos are used that you disclose on the same page the copyrights as stated in Music Eternal's Copyright Agreement. Violation to do so violates this stipulation

NOTE: Stipulation 3 allows for reviews, editorials, and showing the music within a media medium. This doesn't not give consent to alter, distort, or separate the graphics from the audio. Any changes with intent of distribution, piracy, or any other reason is strictly prohibited.

Music Eternal members and/or their labels can request copies of the videos made. These can be used for promotions, concerts, press kits, and any other marketing purposes. The following stipulations can not be violated:

a) mention of the graphics made by Music Eternal must be placed with the respective video.

b) the videos can not be used for monetization .


Modification To The Terms Of Service

Music Eternal reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service with or without the notice to the member. Music Eternal shall not be liable to member or to any third party should Music Eternal determine to terminate agreement with the member or to exercise the Terms Of Service to modify agreement with the member.

Music Eternal will not change the Terms Of Service that will infringe or take away the intellectual rights of Music Eternal or any of its members and/or partners.


The termination of membership may occur at the sole discretion of Music Eternal if there is a violation of the Terms Of Service and/or Music Eternal is presented in a means that is seen as either damaging to their respective brands or what they represent.

Upon termination the profile of the member will be reverted to its original state within 72 hours time. All material provided by the member will be removed from the site to ensure no violation in copyrights that non-membership may create. Any interviews, Band of the Month, or Song Of The Week, or other section entries will remain unaltered, unless requested by the member after termination.


In the event of a dispute of the member's identity or the rights to the material provided, the one presenting the dispute must provide documentation of ownership. The profile will remain unaltered until the member may prove their ownership of provided material as well. All claims will be verified by Music Eternal to ensure that the profile, the member, and the representation of both are preserved.

Member Content

The member and/or partner agrees to grant Music Eternal a grace period to review and post material provided by member and/or partner. Any material deemed as sensitive, offensive, or adult in nature may be placed at the discretion of Music Eternal. Such material will be discussed with the member and/or partner and may result in one or more of the following, at the member's approval: distortion of the original content, blackening of regions in question, or a warning placed on all links to said page and/or on the page itself. Music Eternal reserves the final right to deny the posting of said material.

Members may provide links to their own websites and any additional sites or resources. Music Eternal has no means of directly ensuring the contents of said links and the member agrees upon membership in being the party responsible of said links. This includes the availability of said links, the contents of links, and any damage that may occur from people going to these links.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

You expressly understand and agree upon membership or partnership that:

(a) All material that is provided by you is your own material. Violation of this is will fall upon the member or partner, not Music Eternal. Any violation of this will result in immediate termination of membership.

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