Music Eternal Staff And Support

    Giuseppe Gerratana


Giuseppe Gerratana is very passionate about music and it reflects in his knowledge of Internet Radio stations, bands, and as a DJ. Having lived in multiple countries in Europe, he has has the opportunity to see how the music community is in different cultures and has played a large role in discovering some of the less known bands.



    Jasmin Evilution



Jasmin Evilution is a German DJ that has an extensive understanding of the music and the impact it has in one of the biggest markets in Europe. Her knowledge of German music has given light to many of the bands not known in the German market as well as other parts of Europe.


    Jack Phoenix



Jack Phoenix is best known for his DJing throughout the United States. His music background combined with his business experience has made him invaluable in knowing both are integrated with one another.


    Martin Bowes



Martin is the front man for the legendary dark wave band Attrition and owner of The Cage Productions. His understanding of the music world and the music development is unmatched. His sagely wisdom has been one of the greatest assets in giving a band's perspective and some of the directions of the music world.


    Sebastian Komor



Sebastian Komor is one of the key pieces to Icon Of Coil, Squarehead, Komor Kommando, Melt, and countless projects. His heavy involvement in both the music world and the music industry has given a very personal understanding in both for Music Eternal.



    Gabe Wilkinson



Gabe Wilkinson has worked extensively as a music journalist, editor, and interviewer. He has worked for a wide variety of United States based magazines in both physical and viral formats.



    Florian Krawitz



Florian Krawitz has had an extensive level of experience as a German DJ and an Internet radio moderator/co-administrator. He also has had formal training as a translator of the English and German languages.



    Paul Greco



Paul Greco brings a special combination of professional writing and love for many of the genres in Rock music. He is a student of the University Of Utah with a focus in Journalism and an avid lover of Rock music that has influences in the Blues and Folk genres. He has also been expanding his tastes in his exploration of the music being released in today's market.



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