Waiting For The Storm by Decoded Feedback

Coctail (Sounds Like): 1 part Imperative Reaction + 1/2 part Assemblage 23 + 1/2 part Angels On Acid + 1/4 part Leæther Strip
Toss into a raging storm and let it take shape into something only Nature or Decoded Feedback could create.

Draven Taylor's Note: Decoded Feedback have always been one of the bands out there that always has at least one song in each of their albums that can't be played enough. They always seem to have a knack for making songs that could be best compared to an addictive drug. The more you hear the song the more you need to hear it again. I think this is a reflection of their love in what they do and the depth of talent they have as a duo.

The GEWC may be a music chart that many in parts of the world have never heard of, but they place a special focus on certain areas of Electronic music that often get neglected by music charts and the media as a whole. GEWC lets these flavors of Electronic music get the recognition they deserve and it is fitting that Decoded Feedback has made music that has often dominated the GEWC WebCharts. Waiting For The Storm had a lasting impact on the music charts and the album, Dark Passenger, has had the same reaction each week since its release to the public.

Where To Purchase Waiting For The Storm or the album it is on, Dark Passenger:

GEWC: Dark Passenger by Decoded Feedback

GEWC: Dark Passenger by Decoded Feedback