Hex One by eHpH

How (Song): As mentioned, eHpH hits many genres of music and Hex One truly does show one aspect of the band's preference in conjunction with their respective style to music. Some of their music is mellower, some is more experimental, but this particular song shows where they thrive with the harder hitting areas of Electronic music. It is in Hex One that someone can see how this musical project gives shape to some truly impressive music.

Cocktail (Sounds Like):
1 part Noxious Emotion + 1 part Mordacious

Draven Taylor's Note: eHpH is one of those bands that many miss out on. The song Hex One is a good song, but I am even more impressed that eHpH is a powerful outlet of musical creativity. The approach that has been developed here is one that rarely works and in eHpH it works extremely well. The revolving door of talent and the foundation in Fernando makes for a combination that is truly impressive.

Take the time to listen to Hex One and if you are open to more than one style of music be sure to check out the other tracks on the band's Soundcloud account.

Where To Purchase The self titled album containing Hex One:


RMXS by eHpH

June 2016: eHpH

eHpH by eHpH