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Black Number 1 by Type O Negative

Type O Negative were embarking in a direction that showed their true genius and talent. Their passions forged a style of Goth and Metal that was never truly fathomed, but led to artists embarking on similar journeys in new frontiers of music.

Cocktail (Sounds Like):
Music: 1 part Black Sabbath (Style) + 1 part Beatles (composition) + 1 part Danzig (Style) + 1 part Grieg (Integration and complexity)

Vocals: 1 part Andrew Eldritch (Vocal tone style minue falsetto) + 1 part Barry  White (Vocal range)

Mix it all together with a bone of Nosferatu under a green light on All Hallowed Eve

Draven Taylor's Note: I was actually first truly educated on who Type O Negative by a very dear friend named Courtney. She had a personal knowledge base and a collection of many artists that I grew to appreciate by  seeing them through her eyes. It was this special perspective and some lucky circumstances with past work where I was able to chat a small number of times with Peter Steele. Just as Courtney opened the doors for me to a part of music, Peter was educational in parts of the entertainment industry for me.

I will not call him a friend, as I didn't really have the chance to know him as well as many others did. I will say that he has been one of the personal inspirations, a mentor in some respects, and someone that I am grateful that I was able to chat with - even if it was only for short stints via the Internet. His death was a tragic blow to a style of music, to his fans, his family (band and biological), and to genre that I saw as sure to die. My perception has changed on the last point though, and I will tell you why....

Artists like Nox Interna, Vlad In Tears, 69 Eyes, and many others have shown that the style created, the passion in making music that was true in representing the bands, and in the desire to forge into the unknown will never die. Each of these bands and many others have shown elements that can be seen in Type O Negative, but have not limited to what Type O Negative had accomplished. If anything they are showing that the guts that made Type O Negative timeless in Gothic Metal lives on and will never die.


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Pray by Nox Interna
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Dance With Me (Sebastian Komor Remix) by Alphavill
  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Type O Negative

  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Type O Negative

  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Type O Negative


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