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Shelter (Single Edit) by Icon Of Coil

Cocktail (Sounds Like): 1 part Eurodance + 1 part Furturepop + a dash of Essence of Edgar Allen Poe

Mix it all together and bake, shake, and beat it out at 126 beat per minute.

Draven Taylor's Note: There was a transition from the older Gothic rock, electro-industrial, and industrial genres where more electronic was added. Many bands like Switchblade Symphony, Razed In Black, and Rosetta Stone laid the first steps in this transition. The next step was made by bands like Icon Of Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, and Covenant into the more streamlined EBM style we have today.

After the foundation was laid, Icon Of Coil went to the back burner. Today, there is another transition into new genres of this music and Icon Of Coil is one of the bands that is right there in the middle of it. Hopefully they will be as fundamental in this next step as they were in the last one.


Shelter (Analogue Brain Remix):

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  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Icon Of Coil

  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Icon Of Coil


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