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This is the bio directly from N1n0:

We are "Deied", the German industrialists.

We develop our sound in our own studio and give it away for free or paid download – sometimes we offer a limited edition of an album, sometimes not.

Deied is "Din-tah Aeon" and "N1n0" and we have worked together on “Deied” since 2009. Before that "N1n0" worked as a singer in several underground garage bands, from blues to grind core.

"Din-tah Aeon" is passionate in ambient and black metal and has being a guitar player on several rock and metal bands.

Deied is also one of the members on Music Eternal! They have shown a huge depth of knowledge in the music world and are among the most supportive in helping the music world grow. We are happy that N1n0 has taken the time to be part of the Round Table!

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