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Mordacious Mortem presented this as his official bio:

In 2005 the recording for "Death's Embrace" began, after it was self released it received good reviews and a great response form clubs and radio stations. The track "cursed" was used on the "Weatherhead compilation" released by Telegrammetry Recordings.

In November 2005, recording began for "Insignificant". It was finished in December and self released in January 2006, receiving great reviews and a great response from radio stations and clubs, mordacious began to play supporting shows to promote the album with great responses.

Mordacious was then signed by Hypervoxx Recordings as recording for "This Emptiness" was underway. It was released in September 2006, followed by great reviews, it has gotten a lot of attention.

In September 2007 "Torture Tactics" was released on Telegrammetry Recordings and the song "Cyber Girl" was featured on Extreme Sundenfall 6 in 2009, after 2 years Mordacious is back with an audio assault, the new CD "Necrolust" , 2 songs from the CD have been featured on the Interbreeding compilation from BLC, the songs are "Necrolust" and "Cyber Girl (IBX Remix)"

The "Dark Prince" single was released a few months later as a free download. Many shows followed the release, playing festivals like Necropolis Fest in Mexico with bands like God Module, Electrovot, Cylab, My Parasites, Alien Vampires, and several other clubs in California, Las Vegas and Mexico.

Mordacious was also featured in the Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands contest for 2009 with the song "Toxic" included free on the cd included with the magazine.

Shortly after a feature on Extreme Sundenfall 9 with the exclusive song "Forgiveness".

Another feature in the Dark Spy Magazine in January 2010 with the song "I Will Break You" included on the cd with the magazine.

February 2010 the Electronic Saviors compilation on Metropolis was released featuring and exclusive song called "Sleeping Beauty."

In March/April 2010 Mordacious did some mini tours in Mexico and the USA with Reaxion Guerrilla and another Mexico tour with God Module in August 2010. The new exclusive track "Execute" featured on the Infacted Volume 5 Compilation was released October 15, 2010.

The new album "Dead Inside" is complete and Mastered by Jasyn Bangert of God Module released on 6/10/2011 as a FREE Download!

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