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DJ Elder

D.J. Elder (Zoran Kelic), Belgrade, Serbia


When I was 16 years old I started playing music on local radio station "Studio B". This happened thanks to my great devotion for music which I felt the first time I've heard it, and one coincidence: practice for the electro-technical high school has brought me to "Studio B". At that time I was a member of electronic music band called "Kole Kojot I Ptica Trkacica" (which is Serbian translation of "Coyote and Road Runner") and soon after that I started playing occasionally in several clubs in Belgrade.

After that, circumstances in my life have drown me away from working with music, which remained the most important part of my life. Twenty years later, while visiting clubs I felt the urge to play music again, which I started with a help from my friend D.J. Dark Energy in February 2010.


The first record I remember buying was Kraftwerk's "Man machine". It's electronic sound had a great impact on me and since then electronic music is my favorite kind of music, even though I love listening to almost all kinds of music. The next band I was, and still am, greatly influenced by is Depeche Mode. Their dark electronic sound has brought me to the music genres that I'm mostly listening and playing today. Those genres are: synthpop, futurepop, EBM and industrial . I'm playing from my laptop most of the time for several reasons. First reason is that equipment in Belgrade clubs is very hard to work on: it is too old and way overused, which causes many technical difficulties. The second reason is that from my laptop I have easy and quick access to all of the music in my personal collection. Therefore in my D.J. sets I use a laptop with external 2 -channel sound card which I connect to the external mixer.


In the beginning of 2010. I started playing occasionally in the club "Underworld" where I was resident D.J. in the second half of the same year, for the season 2010.-2011. During that period I was also playing once a month at legendary Belgrade underground club "Akademija" which was, unfortunately, closed last summer. From time to time I was also playing in the club "Vrtoglavica" in which I am playing right now twice a month.

In the second half of 2010. I played at "Adrenalin" music festival in Belgrade, and at official warm-up and after party for Combichrist concert in Belgrade. I was also playing in cities of Nis and Novi Sad and at Pure Electro party in Zagreb, Croatia.

In 2011. I played at official Diorama concert warm-up party with members of the band: Torben Wendt and Felix Marc. I also played in the city of Nis. Another set at Pure Electro party in Zagreb is arranged, the date will be set in next few months.


In June 2011. I decided to upload mixes I create and make them public. I uploaded 5 mixes so far and I'm working on the 6th one at the moment while the 7th one is already slowly taking its shape. Mixes are available for listening at my Mixcloud page:


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