Promo Rush has been one of the quickly growing forces in band management and it was only time that they would expand from the elements of the Electronic Dance world into the dark side of Electronic Music.

Promo Rush Dark is an extension that places a focus on supporting the bands in EBM, Futurepop, Electro-Industrial, Industrial Noise, Industrial Rock, Gothic Rock, and related Electronic genres. They know that many of these artists have a massive potential in the Music World and in many cases they only need a little directed push by those that know where to do the pushing. Promo Rush Dark has been developed to be one of the management tools that these bands can rely on in getting a level of success that they can't get on their own.

Promo Rush Dark is a paid service, but is one that draws from the roots that the bigger labels have relied on and now these services are offered to the darker genres of music in the world.