Voltaire's Video Nooseletter: July 2020

Voltaire gives us a special treat in his July 2020 Video Nooseletter. In the past he has pre-recorded these and this one is live. Which means you see all of his mistakes, his wicked humor, and great personality.

In the past the Nooseletters covered all that Voltaire had planned for the month and the near future. July's is no different, except that he expresses more of himself and gives praise to his fans. This stream shows that his fans are dear to him and are a family to his music and to him as a musician.

July 2020 Video Nooseletter is an opportunity that he gives praise to the band, Black Rose Burning. Another impressive band that he is sending praise to.

Voltaire's live stream that is the July Nooseletter is truly an experience. You get to see his battles with his tripod, his views on social medias, and his plans on the future during the lock down from the pandemic.

Big Chris Art Portrait Of Voltaire

A Message From Voltaire

Aurelio Voltaire Q And A