The Morning Star by Jarguna

The 31st album from Italy’s Jarguna is meditative and engaging ambient electronic music. The Morning Star is an introspective atmospheric paradise in the deep space of the soul. The subtle amorphous tapestries color a bright path surrounded by a hazy, moody horizon — as in space, there is darkness until the light particles hit an object. Music does not exist if there is no ear, otherwise it is only a wave that propagates in a void. And yet it just is, part of the flow of the Universe as one. Deep ambient, with a few rhythmic passages — electronic music filled with mystery befitting Jarguna’s kindred spirits of the Italian drone ambient scene.

- Sam Rosenthal ( Projekt Records)

The image above is the Official Bandcamp player for this release. You can get the digital copy for free, but please purchase the physical copy to show your support for Projekt Records and the artists that call it home.

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