THE HU: Road To The Gereg

When most think music from Oceania and Eastern Asia they often envision Dance, Pop, and Electronic music. These are the hallmarks of South Korea and Japan. Mongolia shatters this image with its culture and unique approach to Rock music in their iconic band, The HU. Hunnu Rock is something birthed by the band and evolved into something that shows the beauty of Mongolian music with a Hard Rock fusion. It is not part of the traditional presentation of this region of the world, and the countless fans that have embraced The HU's music are grateful for it.

The video above is a special treat from The HU and all the people that work behind the scenes. It is the long road that lead to their release of their album, The Gereg. Many musicians have a journey in making an album, The HU had this challenge and in creating a music style that the world has never heard. To create a music style that has never been heard in the world, that reflects the rich Mongolian culture, and would be appealing to the masses is a massive challenge. To forge it into a full album can be even more daunting.

The Hu have put Mongolia on the map in the world of music. They have shown the beauty of their culture, a new facet in Rock music, and songs that have fan homes in fans' collections, dance clubs, and radio stations playlists. If you want to experience their music more, please use the Amazon widget below to get their latest release, The Gereg (Deluxe Edition)

The HU In The Kitchen? #14

The Making Of Song Of Women(Feat. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm) by The HU

The Making Of Wolf Totem (Feat. Jacoby Shaddix) by The HU