September Mourning Graphic Novel

Now you can have the graphic novel to the world of September Mourning. This graphic novel comprises issues 1 through 4 that were published in April of 2019. This is not only impressive graphics from Top Cow, but also a more in depth view into the world that is behind the band.

September Mourning has not just been the makers of music, but of a universe that shows many aspects of life and death. Their dark world gives insight to this world through their graphic novel and is the perfect compliment to their music. Right now you can get the graphic novel through Sumerian Records official web store for only $13.59 USD (it is currently on discount). How long the discount is no one knows so this is something that is a must for the lost souls that love this band. If you want to get this comic, please click here to be taken to the page selling it.

'Til You See Heaven by September Mourning

Madness by September Mourning

September Mourning @ The Fire