Putting Up Temporary Wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper can be a really stressful process! I recently put up some wallpaper in the Lair using a temporary method and it worked out so well, I thought I would share it with you home improvement enthusiasts. For those who are not allowed to paint their places, this might be a sneaky way to adorn your walls (presuming you don't live in the kind of apartment that does yearly inspections!!! What's with that? I only just heard about places that do that! That would totally be a deal killer for me! LOL! Anyway... ) Alternately, putting up wallpaper this way can give you the opportunity to see how it looks and live with it for a few days or weeks to decide if it should be permanent.. before actually gluing it to the wall! In any case, I hope you find this mini episode helpful for your home decorating DIYs or maybe just entertaining! Thanks for watching!

- Voltaire

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