Projekt Records Update

Hi. I hope you're staying indoors, staying healthy, & dealing with your stress as best you can. Projekt fans of Facebook are telling me music is giving them an escape from all of this and I should keep doing what I'm doing. Ok!!

Every Monday, I'm going to put a classic Projekt title up for free / name-your-price, and the CD will be $5 (for those of you who like physical objects, the mail is still running). This week it's the second album from mira, 2001's apart, released just a few months before September 11. Mira hail from the 2nd wave of US shoegaze music — ethereal female vocals, loud spacey guitars & fascinating rhythms.

What's up (or down) with the Projekt website?
I've taken the website offline and I'm selling a selection of LPs & CDs at the Projekt Bandcamp page. Because of the March 16 Pennsylvania-wide non-essential business shutdown, I switched our Philadelphia-based webstore offline so no orders get lost in the system. I'm shipping CD & vinyl titles from Portland, Oregon. I walked down to the mailbox an hour ago, and dropped off a number of packages. Thank you everyone for ordering, and helping me pay the bills!

Take Care,

- Sam ( Projekt Records)

Ghost Colored Halo by lovesliescrushing

Apart by Mira

These Fleeting Moments by Black Tape For A Blue Girl