Priest - Dead Ringer Video Fund

To be able to get cutting edge computer graphics blended with photography in the way we need, it will take time and effort from people with very powerful skills (and computers). Tom Waldton who have worked on movies like Hellboy, games like Mass Effect Andromeda and music videos for Say Lou Lou among others, will help the neon infused vision of Priest 2 come to life. For €6000 we will reach our goal, thus providing you with a beautiful piece of art accompanying the upcoming single "Dead Ringer".

Included in the funding we have a bunch of great deals. For example you can get the lyric sheet used by Mercury 2 in the studio, signed LP´s, your name in the credits and even a video-call from the mysterious Puppet Master. Check out the different deals in the perks section!

If we don´t collect the whole amount, we will do the best we can with what we have, even if it wont be completely aligned with our vision. Every contribution matters!

As an artist today, there is an uncertainty about the future. Right now we´re not sure when we physically can come out to the places you live. This video can show you Priest in new, great detail, without anyone having to attend a concert or a signing session and such. We see a video as "the next best thing" because nothing beats a live show with your favorite band.

We´ve done videos before, but with this one we want to break through the previous limits we´ve encountered. Contribute and be a part of this experience!

- Priest

The Indiegogo crowdfunding by Priest will run until, June 27th, 2020.

Obey by Priest

Dead Ringer by Priest

The Cross by Priest