Out Now! Dragonfly by Ego Likeness

Dragonfly is the debut album from Ego Likeness, originally released in 2000. The band began as an experimental, dark, pseudo trip-hop project by musician & artist Steven Archer and Singer/Writer/Poet Donna Lynch. After the 1999 Demo release 'Songs From A Dead City’, the band recorded Dragonfly over a nine-month period of self-imposed isolation. Taking the project in a darker electronic and dance direction, Dragonfly begins the band's exploration of personal loss, regret, betrayal, growth and change. The result was an eclectic masterpiece. Lush soundscapes and pulsing electronic beats create a dark, sensual, and emotional album. Now, two decades after its first release, Metropolis Records is proud to reintroduce this beautiful work of art.

- Metropolis Records

Dragonfly is officially released January 17th, 2020. This 14 track album can be yours for only $14.00 USD. Use the official Bandcamp player above to hear the album and to make your purchase.

2:30 AM Industrial Sludge by Steven Archer

Riffing On The Stranger Things Theme by Ego Likeness

Blind by Ego Likeness