Obscured (Limited Edition) by Blutengel + Hocico

It was supposed to be a surprise for the "Living The Darkness" tour! Blutengel and Hocico got together and wrote a song: "Obscured". They wanted to surprise you in April for the tour start. Despite the postponed tour, the bands and we agree to release the single for the originally planned date on 03.04.
We hope to sweeten the time until the tour start in July with this little Goodie of ours.

- Out Of Line Music

The single will be released on April, 3rd, 2020 for €6.66 (roughly $7.10 USD). You can pre-order Obscured Limited Edition by clicking here.

The tracks are:
1. Obscured (Original Mix)
2. Obscured (Club version by Hocico)
3. Obscured (Into The Void version by Blutengel)
4. Obscured (Dark Dance version by Dulce Liquido)

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