May 2020 Nooseletter by Aurelio Voltaire

Aurelio Voltaire gives his May 2020 Nooseletter. In this month's Nooseletter he gives updates on concerts that are cancelled and those that have been postponed.

Voltaire touches on information on his upcoming album, the Black Labyrinth. He talks a little of the songs within this album and the motivation behind the album. This album is more of an unofficial musical to the epic movie, Labyrinth, and have been influenced by many other fantasy movies from the 1980's.

This Nooseletter also has a special tidbit by Voltaire about a complimentary illustrated book to his upcoming album. He does give some peeks at the visuals that will be in this book.

Voltaire gives info on what to expect in his future Gothic Homemaking videos and how being stuck at home has led to other projects for him.

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