Compilations tend to be special in that they present a variety of musicians into one collection. It is often like an assortment of candies in the form of music. If the compilation is of your tastes of genres it can be a magical exploration of musicians that you know and gems that are yet to be discovered. HAXYN Records have such a collection for your listening pleasure, except this collection is extra special.

HAXYN Records has taken great effort on compiling an international cast of musicians and placed them into the compilation, MIND//BODY DUALISM. Many of these are from the world of EBM and the genres in the Industrial family of music.

MIND//BODY DUALISM was such an massive collection of music that it was broken into two parts. The image above is of Part II Mind. This image, however, is not just an image, it is actually the Bandcamp player to this second chapter of MIND//BODY DUALISM. Listen to the music and discover a world that HAXYN Records has created with the fans of the harder side of Electronic music. The next page has the track list this second part of the compilation.

MIND//BODY DUALISM: Part I Body by HAXYN Records

Diamonds by The Birthday Massacre

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