MIND//BODY DUALISM: Part I Body by HAXYN Records

HAXYN Records bring together an international cast of impressive bands in the genres of EBM, Electro-Industrial, Post Industrial, and Rhythmic Noise. This convergence led to a two release compilation titled, MIND//BODY DUALISM. The image above is actually the Bandcamp player to the first part of this compilation, Part I Body.

HAXYN Records has been a label dedicated to the musicians in their fold. This reflects in half of the musicians in this compilation being of their roster and the other half wanting to be part of this magical collection of amazing Electronic music. What makes this compilation even better is that a good chunk of the music is unreleased prior to this compilation.

Compilations like MIND//BODY DUALISM are always special in that they are a superb way to experience the music from a variety of artists. It is a way to discover the music that you might otherwise never know was out there in the world. The next page has the track list to Part I of this compilation.


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