Lullaby (The Cure Cover) by tEaR!doWn

tEaR!doWn present their remake of the epic Cure song, Lullaby. The original version was a fluid somber melody. It had the unique vocals of Robert Smith and shows the softer side of The Cure.

The tEaR!doWn remake is different in that it is more of an Industrial creation. It still has the same melody and many of the elements of the original. However, this is not just a remake of The Cure classic, it is a unique creation from tEaR!doWn where they make the song their own. It is still a great tribute to The Cure, but shows the identity of tEaR!doWn in the process.

This remake of Lullaby can be found on the tEaR!doWn release, Sparks. It is truly impressive how they evolved this song into a different creation.

Underpass by tEaR!doWn

Skin by tEaR!doWn

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