Love Yourself First by FiFi Rong

'Love Yourself First' is my new single from the upcoming Album. I chose to release on 5th June Bandcamp's waiving fees day a little while back, but I'm feeling it's more appropriate to give the option as free download in WAV. considering the chaotic atmosphere surrounding us at the moment. However, I have made some special merch and bundles associated with the theme of the song, which will be available later in the day if you would love to support independent artist and music on this special #bandcampfriday . And it will be much appreciated.

In a world that's challenged by unprecedented grief, injustice and social unrest, this song is a gentle reminder as the vital importance of giving love to ourselves first and foremost so we have unconditional love to give to others.

It goes out to every single one of us, our friends and perceived 'enemies', the victims and perpetrators, that it is an indestructible truth we all know deep down but often neglect in these uncertain times: the source of love, joy and happiness comes from within. If we want to heal the world, we must heal ourselves first.

- FiFi Rong

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Love Is A Lonely Thing by FiFi Rong

Love Is A Lonely Thing by FiFi Rong