Handwritten Lyrics by Helalyn Flowers

Music, Art And Photography are like delicate creatures that need maintenance, care and updating. My life walks a path where all of them are fundamental for my self-expression, and I wish that in your heart there’s a little room for the understanding of this.

Whatever you wish to buy one or more items I’ll be so happy to know that you are with me and that you’re willing to support me, wishing me a challenging life in the name of music and art, that are my true oxygen. I’ll know that you are there, real and concrete, to do that!

In return, I’ll be happy to report your full name on the thanks list of Helalyn Flowers new album!

Wishing you all the best that life can bring, thank you so much in advance.

- Noemi Aurora ( Helalyn Flowers)

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Metropolis Necropolis by Helalyn Flowers

Metropolis Necropolis by Helalyn Flowers