Everyday Is Exactly The Same (Nine Inch Nails Cover) by The Veer Union

The Veer Union present their lyric music video to the cover they did to Nine Inch Nail's song, Everyday Is Exactly The Same.

Nine Inch Nails made this song with a somber undertone that was impactful with the lyrics it shared. The song was used in many forms of media including the movie, Wanted. The Veer Union had a tall task in taking this song and forging it into something that paid homage to the original and was still unique. As you can hear in the song above, they did their goal and then some. Where Nine Inch Nails latched onto their Industrial roots, The Veer Union took that tether and latched it onto an Alternative Rock foundation. It is noticeable although doesn't change the tone of the song or the potent mood it creates.

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