Edge Of The Night by She Hates Emotions

For many, Chris Pohl is one half of the heart of the Gothic band, Blutengel. For many of these die hard fans it is hard to fathom him in anything else. In 2020, Chris started a new project in She Hates Emotions. This is not something to worry about, Blutengel is will still be around, but Chris Pohl is a child of the 80's and She Hates Emotions is his way of celebrating the music of that era. Where Blutengel is more focused on a more Gothic approach, She Hates Emotions embraces the Synthpop and New Wave roots of the 80's and gives a new outlet to Chris Pohl's creative genius.

The video above is the official music video to the song, Edge Of The Night. This song and its video is a great way to experience the direction that She Hates Emotions is taking and how it is now a new means of Chris Pohl expressing his passion in melody.

Edge Of Night is part of the album, Melancholic Maniac. If you like the video above you can use the Bandcamp player below to purchase the album for only, €9,00 (roughly $9.88 USD).

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