Edelstahl by STAHLSCHLAG

STAHLSCHLAG present a music video to their song, Edelstahl. The video is a presentation of men working at factories with electric tools. What makes this video stand out is that the use of the tools is at the rhythm of the music. The approach gives some visual value to the song and makes it a great combination of the two working in tandem.

Among the world of Industrial and Experimental music, STAHLSCHLAG is one of the creative gems that show facets of both genres fused together in each of their songs. Their approach shows the many creative facets that have made both genres sought by many in the world. Many revere the psychedelic sub-genres for their ability to push boundaries in respective styles of music. Experimental is much the same, but with a more aggressive electronic standard that is truly unique. STAHLSCHLAG shows how Experimental is the perfect mate to Industrial music with their expert approach.

Edelstahl is one of the 18 tracks found on the album, Anthology. If you like what you hear on the music video above, please use the Amazon widget below to get your copy of the album.

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