Duel (Propaganda) by Parralox

This weeks "New Video Tuesday" is the classic Propaganda track "Duel", taken from our new album Holiday '19.

"Duel" is the second single by German pop group Propaganda. The song was included on their first album, A Secret Wish which was produced by Stephen Lipson under the supervision of label boss Trevor Horn..

Released in the United Kingdom in April 1985, it became their most successful single in the UK, reaching no. 21. This led to the band making their sole appearance on the flagship BBC music programme, Top of the Pops, in June of that year.

"Duel" was originally released with an alternative version of the track, "Jewel (Rough Cut)" as the B-side. This featured the same lyrics delivered in a more aggressive manner, mainly by Suzanne Freytag, over a backing track of heavy beats and industrial sound effects.

A 12-inch mix, "Jewel (Cut Rough)" extended this with further sound effects, and an instrumental version appeared on the group's debut album, A Secret Wish.

The two approaches to the song were combined in two different tracks. "Bejewelled" played the song through, alternating between the two versions, while "Jewelled", on the remix album Wishful Thinking, combined elements of both, with the melodies of "Duel" playing alongside the rhythms of "Jewel".

The Parralox version combines elements of both original versions, with a predominantly slower (half) tempo throughout.

Duel is dedicated to Sean M Carroll PhD and includes Louise Love on lead vocals, with John von Ahlen on BVs.

- Parralox

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