Diamonds by The Birthday Massacre

We may not have the concerts from The Birthday Massacre, but they did release something on March 27th, 2020 that is just as special. On this day, the band has released their much anticipated album, Diamonds. This hauntingly beautiful album comes with 9 tracks that show all the beauty in Chibi's vocals and the talent the band has as a whole.

Many fans of The Birthday Massacre have expressed that Diamonds is the best album from the band. The world is filled with utter chaos, and this Canadian band has given their part of the music world a reason to unite and celebrate. Would you like to hear this amazing album? The image above is the official Bandcamp player to The Birthday Massacre where you can hear each of the 9 tracks they have molding into total beauty. If you want to have this album in your collection you can use the same player to buy Diamonds for only $10.00 USD.

Looking Glass by The Birthday Massacre

In The Dark by The Birthday Massacre

With Love from The Birthday Massacre