Dark Toxic X-MAS

The second (and last) release by Russian Dark Community that was during the upgrade of Music Eternal is finally here! This is the compilation, Dark Toxic X-MAS.

Dark Toxic X-MAS comes packed with 30 tracks of impressive music from the darker side of the spectrum. These songs are presented from some of the gifted artists that most will not have had the chance to experience. This is your chance to discover a new world of music in this compilation. Just listen to the Bandcamp player above (the image is a media player).

If you would like what you hear and want to get this remarkable compilation you can use the player above to obtain this album. What is even better is that the album is free! However, if you truly want to support the efforts of Russian Dark Community and the musicians, then we suggest to give a donation to them. The Bandcamp player above has the album listed as "Name Your Price." This shows your support and helps motivate these members of the music world to keep making music we love.

Spring Break Electro by Russian Dark Community

Dark Toxic X-MAS

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