Dancing With Your Combat Boots On by ACID Casualty

Some Epic new boot stomping #CyberPunk Jamz from #IndustrialMusic Creator ACID CASUALTY - " #GrowthHacking for Humanity. " - A short by Tactical Strike Media - In difficult times such as this, we all have a part to play in pulling together to help each other through it in some way. On top of keeping the videos coming i have re-purposed the Tactical Strike Media PR War Machine and shifted resources from promoting music, to outsourcing and spreading accurate, relevant life saving information and countering the flood of misinformation directed toward internet users stuck at home. Good news is if you are bored and would like to help, ITS EASY! You can start by finding me on Twittter -- https://twitter.com/casualty_acid -- then go thru my feed and retweet anything you think may be useful! Grab downloads of the new tunes via Bandcamp for FREE or pay-what-you-wish which is greatly appreciated. https://acidcasualty1.bandcamp.com/album/the-beginning-is-here

"'Life is short so take my advice .. pull down yer pants, and slide on the ice.""
... then be sure to also :

- Wear a face covering to protect yourself and others..
- Wash your hands often .. assume others don't before they touch stuff..
- Stay home if you can till' this blows over for good.. a second wave is still possible..
- Step up and be a leader and role model in your community. Lead by example and set the standard for exemplary behavior.
- Be vigilant online and report fraud or abuse. Its being a hero not a snitch .. a rat gets himself into hot water then sells out their own mother to get out of it .. reporting scumbags that target the weak .. is called *The Right Thing To Do*
- Dont use simple passwords
- Dont use the same password everywhere online
- This is an important one .. MONITOR YOUR CHILDREN'S ONLINE ACTIVITY .. thar be munsters out thar and #NoBeardThePirate cant be everywhere all at once to save the day.

Thank you all for being an important part of my journey. Stay Safe and please share this video with friends.

- ACID Casualty

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