Blue Jeans (Lana Del Ray Cover) by Madil Hardis

Madil Hardis masterfully creates another cover of a song. This time she is putting her own vision and talents into remaking Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray.

Where Lana Del Ray created more of a structured chaos in a Chris Isaak form that brought Rock and sample elements together to compliment her voice, Madil Hardis took a different avenue. Utilizing mainly a piano, Madil let her powerful vocals take control of the mood and snare the emotions of the listener.

As with Blue Jeans, Madil Hardis not only covers the song, but re-creates it into something entirely different from the original. Stripping away the Rock elements of the song. She puts a more intimate approach with the piano being the compliment to her vocals in place of the guitar and letting her vocals become the other part of the song. Both being a duet for the listener and giving a different light to Blue Jeans that is doesn't insult the original without being a mere copy cat. Madil Hardis once more shows why she is a visionary in how she expresses music one song at a time.

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