Black Velvet by Viktoria Seimar

The video above is a live performance of the song, Black Velvet by Viktoria Seimar. This gifted singer is singing with a slight Southern Drawl that is found in the U.S. Southeastern style of country. Despite this song gaining popularity from Alannah Myles, this song has been often viewed to be more of a Blues-Rock and in some cases a Country song.

Alannah Myles style was impressive as she wasn't from the "Deep South" yet was able to capture a feel to this superb song. Viktoria Seimar takes it one step further, where Alannah Myles was a Canadian presenting a special version of Black Velvet, Viktoria is also not from the United States. She isn't even from North America. Viktoria Seimar is an Estonian singer that is known by many through the band she is a part of, Suicidal Romance. This live version of Black Velvet is stepping away from a style that she has performed in front of the masses and is something different. For her to not only sing this with the impressive talent she has, but to give a performance that is similar to the roots of the song is amazing. She shows her skills in singing in Black Velvet and gives both the song and its roots proper tribute.

As Viktoria Seimar continues to explore other areas of music and sharing her gifts in vocals, we will present them to you. We hope you like the work that Viktoria strives in her solo work. For those that love her work in Suicidal Romance, don't worry. The band isn't gone, this is just an additional avenue in music that Viktoria is taking to share her love and passion in music.

This song was originally written by Christopher Ward and David Tyson with Alannah Myles in mind to perform it in 1989. This song has been remade by numerous artists mainly from Canada. Most either present this as a Heavy Metal or a Country song. The song was originally envisioned by the writers as a form of tribute to Elvis Presley. Viktoria's version is one of the few that keeps to the spirit of the composers' inspiration and is very well presented in her performance.

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