Beat The Silence (Andrew Rayel, Skypatrol, Markus Schulz)

Armin van Buuren knows that the worst of any excessive time being cooped up at home is the never ending silence we all must endure. Utilizing his A State Of Trance, Armin is creating video sets for everyone to enjoy. These special sets are called, Beat The Silence.

The Beat The Silence presented above is compiled of sets from the following:
CET Andrew Rayel, A State of Trance 700, Buenos Aires 2015
CET Skypatrol, A State of Trance 950, Utrecht 2020
CET Markus Schulz, A State of Trance 900, Madrid 2019

This Is What It Feels Like (Koelle Remix, feat. Trevor Guthrie) by Armin van Buuren

A State Of Trance Episode 967

All Comes Down (Just Her Remix, feat. Cimo Fränkel) by Armin van Buuren