'Another Me' Free Friday For You

The next single 'Another Me' from my new album will be released exclusively on Bandcamp this Friday alongside some new merch, as Bandcamp is having its very last Fee Waive day supporting independent artists. However, I've decided to give you the wav. download on Friday as a thank you for being apart of my journey.

I can't believe we are at the mid point of 2020. What a year so far! Thanks to the 'house arrest', I've been spending ALL my energy and some more on the ALBUM that took me the last 5 years (well at least trying) to make. At this point I'm so thrilled to say I can clearly see the finishing line and it's indeed a historical moment and a transitional point for me.

Let me explain. Being a sound snob a.k.a 'someone who produces their own songs and are extremely anal about the whole process from writing, recording, producing to mixing' has a serious price to pay. Making music has taught me patience, humility, discipline, focus, craftsmanship, determination and sacrifice. Realistically speaking, if I wanted to get this big project done, I must let go of other possibilities.

There are so many others things I wanted to do, such as taking my music to more ears, writing to you more and telling you more about my music journey and my growth. Also, perhaps some movie nights and occasional social life for example. Finishing the production side of my album means the days of staying in my cocoon are nearly over. And you'll hear from me more.

By 'a transitional point', I mean I will shift my energy from an introverted craftsman to an expressive advocate to communicate about my art. Since my last Father's Day's story, I'm very grateful it has resonated with more of you. This has encouraged me to tell you more of my personal stories about where I've been and where I am going.

So please do not hesitate to unsubscribe if this isn't for you. And much appreciation to those who choose to stay and follow my journey from here and onwards.
Hope see you on Friday!

Much love

- Fifi xxx

Love Yourself First by FiFi Rong

Love Is A Lonely Thing by FiFi Rong

Love Is A Lonely Thing by FiFi Rong