Alexis Voice

The video above is one that we felt was fitting. This is Last Word by ALexis Voice. This gifted and passionate Hungarian musician has been part of the Music Eternal family for more than 5 years. He was very involved in what we do, in introducing us to new musicians, to creating tons of music, and being a dear friend to Music Eternal. We shared a vision in helping others and in making the world a better place where we had the most love, music.

As of February 2020, Alexis Voice (also known as ALexis Voice) passed away. The cause is not known or the exact date at this moment. However we ask that people don't focus on his passing, but the impact he had on those he knew. Embrace his amazing music and the fact that he was of a rare breed that strived to help others as a person and a musician. His passing is a dire loss, but the fact that he devoted his life to music and those that knew him is where he was an angel that will live beyond these days.

Alexis, you were a friend, supporter, and someone that was a muse not just in your music or those that you had us meet. You were someone that had positive words and inspired us to keep this business and its mission to never waiver. We miss you and as a tribute to Alexis we will make him our March 2020 Band Of The Month. We will place a heavy focus on paying tribute to this remarkable man and hope that all will come together in helping us give him a send off that is as epic as he was in life.

Space Station by Alexis Voice

March 2020: ALexis Voice

Gravity by Alexis Voice