Æppreciation IV by Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip's latest album Æppreciation IV is 10 tracks of covers from other artists. They created these covers with their own darker Industrial style that makes them different and just as good as the originals.

They say there is no rest for the wicked and if good Industrial music is being wicked, then Leæther Strip is one of the most wicked of the land. The tracks on this release truly show the raw talent that Claus Larsen has in music and his love to make original versions to some of the epic songs in the music world.

Many bands make covers, and yes this album is 10 tracks of covers. However, these songs have been changed and evolved into their own creations. Leæther Strip truly has done an amazing job in the songs found in Æppreciation IV. Use the Bandcamp player above and experience these masterpieces. If you would like to add this album to you collection you can use the same player to purchase it for only $7.00 USD.

Watch You Fall by The Sweetest Condition

Midnight Romance by A Kiss Could Be Deadly

Psycho Love by Klutæ