A New Day by Insight

After their last release "A Light In The Darkness" in 2016, Insight ring in the year 2019 with their new release "A New Day" and take their sound to the next level.

"A New Day" proves that Insight are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try out something new without having to give up on their roots.

The album contains a balanced mix of melodic synthpop tunes, melancholic ballads and dance tracks.

- Insight

A New Day was released September 27th, 2020 through Insight's official Bandcamp profile. The image above is the Bandcamp player that you can use to both hear the 10 tracks on this album and purchase it for only €8,00 (roughtly $8.67 USD)

Last Goodbye (Nordika Remix) by Insight

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