Uncle Al For President Tee

In United States politics it always seems to revolve around the Republicans and the Democrats. Now you have a third party, the Industrial Party. Why support a political party that has an agenda that seems to never truly get resolved? Support the political party devoted to exploding your ear drums, torching your soul, and making you love it with each hard hitting track!

Uncle Al from Ministry asks for your votes. In Music We Trust, and with him as president we will have a surplus of music that is the ultimate warfare. Why shoot guns and argue with each other when we can be playing music that will drown out all the worries and is better than any long winded speech?

If you want to show your undying support for Uncle Al as the next U.S. President, then be sure to get your official Uncle Al For President Tee at the Ministry Website by clicking here. Your $25.00 USD contribution will get you a 100% preshrunk cotton black tee that you can wear with pride. When election time comes around, show your vote with pride and ensure Industrial music at every U.S. debate.

Vote 2020 by Ministry

30: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

(Every Day Is) Halloween (Acoustic) by Ministry