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This Is Deutsch (SITD Remix) by Eisbrecher

This video is one of the fan remakes referred to as a Nightcore video. Traditionally we perfer to put up videos only by the musicians, labels, or digital distributors. However, this video of Eisbrecher's This is Deutsch (SITD Remix) is a fitting tribute. It is a Nightcore video in that the tempo has been slightly sped up and it is a fan video, but the creator of the video has done more than other fans. The anime is a light altering still with the lyrics to this song both in Germany and English. This is one of the few times where a fan has made both an impressive presentation and taken the time to show the lyrics in more than one language format. As we love all the songs by Eisbrecher we felt that as this fan is aspiring to pay tribute we would do the same to this amazing German Industrial band.

If you love this song, don't worry we have Amazong widgets below where you can buy the song or the album, Sünde, from which it comes from.


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