The Serpents Of Eden T-Shirt by Dawn Of Ashes

Dawn Of Ashes released Serpents Of Eden and decided to present this amazing two sided t-shirt as a means of their fans being able to have something more than what the album offers. Now you can wear this shirt and show that you love the album and support this hard hitting band that strives to make music their fans love.

As with any merchandise, there is no promises that this t-shirt from Dawn Of Ashes will be available forever. If you love Serpents Of Eden, then this is an item you will definately want. It shows your love for Dawn Of Ashes' music and the funds go directly to the band which is some of the best inspiration for them to keep making amazing music for their fans.

The Serpents Of Eden t-shirt can be yours for only $25.00 USD (roughly 22,24€; £20.06). By clicking here you will be taken to the Bandcamp page making this offer.

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