The Joy Of Gunz by Combichrist

Combichrist present through Storming The Base their album The Joy Of Gunz. This release, however, is in the form of a special 2 LP vinyl release. This was originally released on September 1st, 2003.

Joy Of Guns 2 LP vinyl can be yours for only $49.00 USD and usually ships out in 3 days of purchase. If you have forgotten about this release, here is the original announcement to give you an idea of what this album offers.

Leading German industrial/electro label OUT OF LINE presents proudly a brand new signing: CombiChrist the brand new electro / industrial side project from ICON OF COIL vocalist Andy LaPlegua ! "The Joy Of Gunz" presents very hard edged EBM / dance / industrial in the vein of other top Out Of Line acts such as Dulce Liquido, Hocico and Soman. Pummeling dancefloor grooves and distrorted beats combine with scathing vocals and electro arrangements to produce a full-tilt dancefloor onslaught. The electro-industrial project of ICON OF COIL singer LaPlegua is a perfect symbiosis of hardest EBM-elements, enriched with industrial sonorities and completely freaked-out samples of vocals from all kind of sources. The first track by CombiChrist, released on ‘Awake the Machines Vol. 4’, has become a clubhit in Germany within few weeks and most of the tracks on ‘The Joy of Gunz’ are of the same, if not higher quality!

This is the first offspring of this Norwegian Future Pop act ICON OF COIL and although it sounds very different, this album is a must for all fans of the band and of lovers of the harsher, more noisy and danceable stuff!

The tracks on this 2 LP release are:
LP 1
A1 Intruder Alert
A2 Joy to the World
A3 You will be the Bit*h now
A4 Winteryear
B1 Play Dead
B2 Turmoil
B3 Master Control
B4 Vater Unser
LP 2

C1 The Line to the Dead
C2 Bulletfu*k
C3 Human Error
C4 God Wrapped in Plastic
D1 History of Madness
D2 Shrunken Heads for all Occasions
D3 This is the Joy of Gunz

It hasn't been disclosed if this is a limited pressing or an ongoing one. However, most good things only have a lifespan before they end, and if you truly enjoy the music by Combichrist then it is best to hit this while it is still available. If you would like to get this re-release please click here.

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