That Total Age Tri-Fold by Nitzer Ebb

Released on Pylon Records. Limited Edition Embossed Tri-fold CD containing 4 Bonus tracks, including the 12” mixes of “Join In The Chant," “ Let Your Body Learn," “ Warsaw Ghetto” and rare instrumental version of “Murderous." The original US release did not contain the 12” mixes.

- Storming The Base

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Nitzer Ebb's That Total Age Tri-fold CD Track Listing"
Fitness To Purpose
Warsaw Ghetto
Violent Playground
Smear Body
Join In The Chant
Let Your Body Learn
Let Beauty Loose
Into The Large Air
Murderous (Instrumental)
Fitness to Purpose (Mix Two)
Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix) Bonus
Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix) Bonus
Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) Bonus
Warsaw Ghetto (Original 12” Mix) Bonus

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