Special Offer From WTII Records

For just a couple more days, WTII Records will be offering a 40% discount when you use the code, summer_2019. This code will work on their official Bandcamp profile on all their digital music and physical merchandise.

WTII Records is a North American label that specializes in all areas of Electronic Music. Their family of musicians includes: Blume, AlterRed, The Thought Criminals, Stars Crusaders, Autoclav 1.1, State Of The Union, and many more. This is a great time to get the music you love with a massive discount. Remember to use the code to ensure that you get the 40% off.

You can get to the WTII Records official Bandcamp profile by clicking here to get the music you want from the musicians that matter to you.

Happy Holidays From WTII Records

Black Weekend Offer by WTII Records

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