Something New For The Music Eternal Profiles

Music Eternal has tried a number of ways to give the best and most positive representation of the music world. For the profiles on the Music Eternal family we have something special, an extra for the music lovers out there. Certain bands have had their full albums from a number of sites added to their profiles. This is a new addition that is on the menu where the other pages of the member's profile is listed. It isn't on all the profiles as we are still adding these.

For the profiles that are lacking the Album page, these will be added gradually each day and we will do an announcement of the profiles that have been updated. Rather than adding a video to a song, these will be full albums presented from Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport, and many other sites. These all have been formatted to present 4 albums per page with navigation to older releases so that people can get the full experience of the Musicians, DJs, Labels, and even Partners.

This is a massive upgrade to the profiles and one of four additions that Music Eternal is adding for December 2019. We are going to end this year with a massive band to ensure that all of the Music Eternal will know that we love and support them till the end of time.

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