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Showtime 2CD Tri-fold by Nitzer Ebb

Released on Pylon Records. Limited Edition Deluxe Tri-fold, UV Foiled Digipak sleeve containing 18 Bonus tracks, including all the major hard-to-find club mixes all together on one CD for the first time. Included also are several B-sides that were previously available only on the album singles. All of this bonus material is not available for download in North America.

- Storming The Base

Nitzer Ebb's Showtime 2CD Tri-fold can be yours for only $20.00 USD (roughly 17,80€; £16.05). By clicking here you will be taken to the Bandcamp page making this offer.

The tracks on this release are:
CD 1
Getting Closer
Nobody Knows
One Mans Burden
All Over
My Heart
Lightning Man
Hold On
Fun To Be Had
Who We Are – Bonus
Out Of Mind– Bonus
Taken From Me (Servant Mix) – Bonus

CD 2
Lightning Man (The Industry Vs The Ebb Remix) – Bonus
Who We Are (Holger Hiller Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (George Clinton Edit) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Pool Mix) – Bonus
Out of Mind (Maitresse Mix) – Bonus
Lightning Man (Barry Adamson Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Trance Mix) – Bonus
Lightning Man (RSW Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Rave Mix) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Sneeze Mix) – Bonus
Out Of Mind (Spoken) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Allergic Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Rave On Mix) – Bonus

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