Seems Like Forever by Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone breaks their long silence with their latest album, Seems Like Forever. This amazing Gothic Rock band has been one of the foundation stones for Gothic music and return with this new 11 track album.

For those that have yet to hear any of Rosetta Stone's music, use the official Bandcamp player above and see what this gifted musician has to offer. The songs are new, but hold true to the elements that made Rosetta Stone one of the guiding forces in what made Gothic Rock endearing for the past three decades.

After hearing the music above, if you love what you hear, you can use the same Bandcamp player above to purchase a digital copy of Seems Like Forever for only $7.00 USD (roughly 6,23€).

Seems Like Forever (Limited Edition) by Rosetta Stone

Tomorrow For Us by Rosetta Stone

One Angel by Rosetta Stone