Saliva's 2019 North American Tour

March 2019 will mark the start of a two month North American tour for Saliva. A good chunk of this tour will be part of Muddfest 2019, but they will have some special concerts in the mix as well.

This North American tour for Saliva will cover March through to June. There will be concerts after these, but this run is a tight knit series of concerts where Saliva will work to get ther concerts to as many people as possible. This is an impressive feat considering that Saliva is tour each year and wants to give some special each year to their massive fan base.

Keep an eye on Music Eternal as we will be having all their concerts up in the beginning of March so that you can know when, where, and how much these concerts will be. We hope that you will have the chance to see this amazing band in concert and have a positive experience in the performance.

Rise Up by Saliva

Saliva @ Oddbody's

Saliva @ Peecox