Russian Dark Community Presents: Killer Tracks II

One of the great things with compilations is that you can get a variety of artists and hear some of the best songs all in one album. It is perhaps the best way to discover new artists without having to get a ton of music you may or may not like. Russian Dark Community saw that their release Killer Tracks 13 was such a good release they they released a continuation of this compilation. Now you can get a new album with 13 tracks by some of the unknown artists in the darker side of music. The iamge above is the official Bandcamp player for Russian Dark Community where you can hear these songs and get a feel for what this compilation has in store for you.

After hearing the player above you might be tempted to get Killer Tracks II, and now here is the good news. This compilation is FREE. Well, name your price, which is the same as free. However, we challenge you to donate money when you get this album to show your support to Russian Dark Community and the artists that have donated their time, energy, and talents into making this compilation so special.

Spring Break Electro by Russian Dark Community

Dark Toxic X-MAS

Sound In The Dark Vol​​.​​II: Halloween Edition